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Rooftop Solar PV FAQ

  • How does an solar panel ground fault, insulation fault occur and how do you resolve it?

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  • Best Electricity Rates?

    You have recently installed solar PV or the Tesla Powerwall battery storage or just generally looking to get the best electricity deal for your place?

    Here are a couple of recommended tools so you can choose which electricity retailer suits you. We recommend doing this check once every 6 months.

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  • Your SolarEdge inverter may have disconnected from the internet - for example a change in the modem/router, change in ISP provider, etc.

    To update the Wi-Fi settings on your SolarEdge inverter - follow these steps:

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  • Need help setting up WiFi for your Fronius GEN24 Inverter to your Fronius Solar.web monitoring? This method is if you have a WPS button on your modem. The WPS method is the fastest, we have a separate FAQ page to re-connect your WiFi if you don't have a WPS button in a separate FAQ explainer.

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  • Need help setting up WiFi for your Fronius GEN24 Inverter to your Fronius Solar.web monitoring? This method is if you don't have a WPS button on your modem. The WPS method is faster (if available) and we have a separate page for that.

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  • Need help setting up WiFi for your Fronius SnapINverter (Fronius Primo / Fronius Symo) to your Fronius Solar.web monitoring?

    Have you recently changed your WiFi network's password, WiFi modem, internet service provider or shifted to NBN? If so, you will need to update your WiFi password settings otherwise you will not be able to view your Fronius solar PV system online in the Fronius Solar.web monitoring portal and might recieve an email to your registered Fronius Solar.web accounts reporting fault 996 - communicatoin error between inverter and Solar.web.

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  • For your Fronius SnapINverter (Fronius Primo / Symo) - here we recommend having the most up to date firmware so you get the best out of your rooftop solar PV system with your Fronius SnapINverter.

    We recommend setting up regular Calendar reminders to review the current system firmware settings - a recommended interval for checking is annually every 12 months.

    IMPORTANT: Ensure the Datamanger is updated BEFORE the Firmware is updated. Detail below:

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  • Solar rebates come in three forms:

    1. Federal rebates:  i.e. Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC) which are available in all states. 
    2. State based rebates:  Available in some states from time to time and may be means tested (you can email for more details).
    3. Feed in tariffs:  Different tariffs are offered by different retailers. 


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  • For your solar PV monitoring - Fronius SnapINverter - you can utilise the "Night Mode" setting if you would like to observe your load data when the solar PV system is turned off overnight.

    Go to the Fronius inverter and do the following:

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  • The short answer is yes, your solar system will be covered by your home and contents insurance however your premium might increase.  It is recommended that you contact your insurer and discuss the impact of your solar system on your home and contents insurance with them.  Note some insurance companies can provide additional insurance cover if your solar PV system is damaged or malfunctions in some way. 

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