The Daikin US7 was the first split system heater/air-conditioner in the Australian market to achieve a 7 star energy rating.

For the Daikin US7 2.5 unit, 2.5 kW coolth / 3.6k W heat, the Coefficient of Performance (COP) is 5.9 (or 590% efficiency). Which means for 1 kWh electrical energy, you get 5.9 kWh of useful heat/cool. 

As a comparison a gas heater is only 80% efficient, so for 1 kWh of gas energy you get 0.8 kWh of useful heat. 

To ensure you aren't under sizing or over sizing your Daikin US7, we generally like to get an idea of:

  • Your ceiling insulation level.
  • Which direction the windows face in the room you plan to put your US7.
  • The floor area you want to heat in m2
  • The total area of glass in the rooms you want to heat in m2 (i.e. the total size of all of your windows).
  • Ratio of floor area to glass area.
  • Individual window size.

These help us estimate your recommended heat or cool load to determine what size is required.