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  • No, unlike other competitor heat pump hot water (HPHW) systems, the Sanden Eco® HPHW system does not require an electric booster element

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  • The Sanden Quick Connection Kit includes the tempering valve, ECV (Expansion Cold Water Valve), elbows, insulation gloves for all the elbows and valves so you have the most efficient set up - you can't buy the insulation gloves separately. Makes the plumbing install much quicker (plumber only needs to source copper + lagging for the copper). Always highly recommended to ensure the Sanden is installed to specifications

    Normally a house with upto 2 bedrooms is 15mm and 3+ is 20mm. 

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  • You have a Sanden Wi-Fi controller with model Wi-Fi-HPD for your Sanden Eco Heat Pump Model GAU-A45HPD and you're finding you can't add the Wi-Fi controller when tapping "Add Device"? Read on below.

    Some symptoms reported by clients are:

    • Wi-Fi Controller shows connectivity, but cannot change settings
    • Heat Pump Status remains on Standby
    • Wi-Fi status lights are correct but cannot find the Wi-Fi controller when tapping “Add Device”.


    • Check that Communication setting mode, C_SE is set to onHP on internal, Smart Controller
    • Remove front cover of Wi-Fi controller, using a Phillips head screwdriver.

    NB: Do not use a screw gun / drill as you will overtighten the screws when re-installing 

    • Identify “SW1” and flick the 4th switch position to the opposite side. (You do not need to flick it back).
    • LED display will be Red/Blue/Red
    • Open the Smart Life App and tap “+” top right corner,then tap “Add Device”:
    • App will search for devices, displays the Heat Pump under the “Discovering devices” heading. Tap “Add”.
    • Enter Wi-Fi Uername and Password, then tap “Next”
    • App will confirm device being added, then tap “Done”.
    • LED display will be Red/Blue/Green

    You can also check out our page PDF page here which includes screenshots ->

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  • What are STCs and how many do you get with your Sanden?

    The purchase and installation of a Sanden Eco® Plus Hot Water Heat Pump entitles you to Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) – formerly known as Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). For more information: visit and

    The Sanden HWHP achieves the highest level of STCs of any hot water heat pump, currently available in Australia, and these are as below:

    To find out which zone your postcode is in click here (note this may change so if in doubt contact the clean energy regulator for more information)

    The Table below shows how many STCs are available for each Sanden model in each STC Zone 


    How much are STCs worth?

    STCs can be priced through the Government's STC clearing house or on the open market at places like Green Energy Markets

    So say you bought a Sanden GAUS-250FQS and you lived in zone 4 and the current STC price was $35

    The total discount you would receive would be: 34 STCs x $35 = $1,190. 

    So you would receive a discount of $1,190 off the total price of your Sanden unit (note this is an example only to illustrate how STCs are calculated the actual discount will vary depending on the current STC price).

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  • Benefits include:

    You can save up to 80% of your  hot water energy costs when compared with a traditional electric hot water system!  The Sanden Eco® Plus Hot Water Heat Pump uses only 20% of the energy required by older-style, electric element  hot water storage systems.

    Not only does a Sanden Eco® Plus heat pump hot water system help save on energy costs, it also delivers:

    (a) Heat Pump Unit Benefits:

    • Innovative technology; up to 50% faster heat recovery than currently available Hot Water Heat Pumps.
    • Industry leading quality & performance; the Sanden Eco Plus gives you the highest level of STC credits of any currently available heat pump hot water system.
    • Class leading warranties; backed by Sanden’s 35 years of operation in Australia.


    (b)  Stainless Steel Storage Tank Benefits:

    • High quality; extra long life duplex stainless steel cylinder.
    • Fully insulated; for extremely low heat loss.
    • Safety, pressure and temperature relief valves.
    • Mains pressure rated.

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  • Yes, importantly no warranty applies to the heat pump unit and the storage tank, where the chloride level exceeds 200 mg/litre and the pH is less than 6.0. If in doubt, seek water quality information from your local council or water supplier.

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  • The Sanden Eco® Plus heat pump hot water (HPHW) system operates like a refrigerator in reverse. It contains a fan that forces air through an evaporator that contains a refrigerant. The heat in the ambient air passes through the evaporator (note: even air below 0 º C contains heat energy) and is absorbed by a natural refrigerant, R744 (aka CO2), which is ozone friendly and does not significantly contribute to global warming compared with most other refrigerants (older style refrigerants have thousands of times more global warming impact for the same amount of gas, when compared with CO2).

    The warm gaseous refrigerant is circulated in the system via a compressor. As it passes through the compressor, its pressure rises, as does its temperature. This hot refrigerant then passes through a heat exchanger to heat the water, which is finally pumped to the storage tank.

    How a Sanden Eco Plus Heat Pump Hot Water services works


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  • Check our comprehensive Sanden not working checklist here if you think you have a problem with your Sanden Eco heat pump hot water system.

    If you're still unsure after going through this guide - please lodge a Pure Electric Service Case here

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  • Why does the Sanden use CO2 as its working gas, what is the benefit?

    • There is far less environmental impact (i.e. No ozone layer depletion and minimal global warming) than other commonly used refrigerants, should the system leak. 
    • There is a much higher efficiency, thereby allowing more heat to be transferred to the water, for less energy used (i.e. Excellent  thermodynamic ability).

    Isn't CO2 a greenhouse gas and therefor bad for the environment?

    While it is true that Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a greenhouse gas it has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 1. Whereas refrigerant gases in other heat pumps can have GWP of over 10,000, which means if they leak to the atmosphere they contribute 10,000 times more to global warming compared with the refrigerant gases used in a Sanden Eco Plus. 

    The table below shows the GWP for some common refrigerant gases (note: GWP must include a time interval over which the greenhouse gases act, in this case 100 years)

    How Sanden delivers better Performance and Savings


    Our system utilizes less than 1 kg of R744 (CO2) as a refrigerant contained in a closed system at the factory.  The installer does not need to charge the heat pump on site.

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  • Yesfor efficient processing of warranty claims, should they arise, please register your Sanden Eco® Plus heat pump hot water system here.

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