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VEECs am I eligible?

If your in Victoria and looking to replace an existing electric storage hot water system with a super efficient Sanden Eco Plus heat pump hot water system - you might be eligible for the VEECs rebate.

We provide the VEECs rebate as an upfront discount on your Sanden Eco Plus heat pump hot water quote.

What are VEECs?

Victorian energy efficiency certificates (VEECs) are electronic certificates created under the program when certain energy efficiency activities are undertaken in residential  or non-residential premises. Each certificate represents one tonne of greenhouse gas emissions reduction (CO2-e).

Once created certificates can be sold to energy retailers who have a liability under the program to surrender a certain number of certificates each year.

You can check the Register of VEECs provides information on all certificates created under the program.

VEEC Evidence Requirements?

The VEEC Evidence requirements for all water-heating assignments are as follows:

  • VEEC assignment form completed and signed by the installer and energy consumer
  • Invoice/proof of purchase listing the installed product brand and model
  • VBA Compliance Certificate
  • Non-prescribed Certificate of Electrical Safety detailing:
    • the type, brand and model of the product decommissioned
    • the method of decommissionnig
  • Recycling invoice(s) where applicable
  • Geo-tagged photo(s) showing:
    • the existing product before the upgrade, to demonstrate eligibility
    • the decommissioned product rendered permanently inoperable
    • the brand, model and serial number of the decommissioned product
    • the installer product after installation
    • the brand, model and serial number of the installer product

For help to confirm your Geo-tagging is working, you can refer to this helpful document with instructions for geo-tagging.

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