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Rooftop Solar PV

[Rooftop Solar PV] - Rooftop Solar PV - Get your solar system designed by solar experts not sales people!! We do the best solar design for you …

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Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall is a fully-integrated AC battery system for residential or light commercial use. Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack provides…

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Daikin Alira X

Daikin Alira X is a step ahead of the rest, delivering a perfect fusion of whisper quiet comfort, industry leading energy efficiency and indoor air…

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Sanden Eco Heat Pump Hot Water

Get your Sanden Eco Hot Water heat pump installed by our expert team. We offer a turnkey solution: uninstalling your existing…

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Zappi V2 - Electric Car Charger

zappi is a smart EV charger with a difference. Not only does it operate as a standard EV charger, but it also has optional charging modes to utilise…

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✅ Our off-grid solutions include solar power and battery storage and result in complete grid independence. ✅ We are…

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Methven Kiri Satinjet Ultra Low Flow Showerhead

Methven Kiri Satinjet Ultra Low Flow Showerhead The Methven Kiri Satinjet Low Flow Showerhead (using <5L/min) is the highest water…

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