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Get your solar system designed by solar experts not sales people!!

We do the best solar design for you and deliver your solar photovoltaic system.

We offer appropriate oversizing which we call rightsizing. We do all orientations North, West, East, South.

We only use trusted brands, SunPower (highest efficiency available PV modules available in Australia). 

Fronius inverters (Austrian designed and manufactured) and SolarEdge with Optimisers if you have any shading/obstacle issues on your roof.

Which panels do we offer?

panels brand

✅ Sunpower Maxeon 3 400W 

The most efficient available in Australia. Sunpower have produced panels that have been to space, circumnavigated the globe and been chosen for the annual world solar car challenge.

There is simply no better panel available on the market. Sunpower are an industry leader having produced solar PV for over 35 years and offer an industry leading warranty of 25 years including labour and product.

This panel gets solar engineers very excited.

Some excellent videos on the SunPower panels:

Click here for more information on the Sunpower Maxeon 3 400W

Which inverters do we offer?

inverters brand

✅ Fronius Inverters

Austrian engineered and manufactured, one of the last European made inverters. Fronius offers fantastic quality at its price point. 

The Primo is one of the latest additions in the SnapINverter range. It boasts all the features of the range, including a 97.8% maximum efficiency, Wi-Fi connectivity, free monitoring via Solarweb, compatibility with the Fronius Smart Meter and an optional extended warranty.

The Primo is a single phase string inverter offering 3kW to 8kW models, making it a great choice for larger residential or small commercial systems on a single phase connection.

Click here for more information on the Fronius Inverter

✅ SolarEdge HD Wave Inverter with Optimisers

Highest quality inverter with optimisers to ensure every panel is operating at its best and doesn't affect other panels when you have shading issues.

The highest efficiency inverter in the world with record breaking 99% efficiency.

Click here for more information on the SolarEdge HD Wave Inverter with Optimisers

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