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Shareholders approve Tesla and Solarcity merger

November 17, 2016 admin Leave a comment

Nov 17 News, hot off the press.  

Tesla maker of the Model S, Model 3 and Sportster electric vehicles along with the Powerwall 2 has just officially been given the approval by shareholders to merge with NASDAQ listed Solarcity.   The vertically integrated company will now be able to offer electric vehicles, solar including Tesla and Solarcity's new solar roofing product unveiled last month and their battery home storage product.


Pure Electric new Tesla storage

November 7, 2016 admin Leave a comment

Pure Electric is proud to announce we can sell the Tesla Powerwall 2 for 2017!!

With another halving in the installed cost of battery storage provided by Tesla, we thought it was time to bring another high quality storage solution into our portfolio for our clients.

Providing 14kWh of usable storage, the Tesla Powerwall is the perfect addition to your big solar PV solution! Check out our the Tesla website here for more information on the specifications.

Contact us to learn more! And here some of the benefits:

Pure Electric Power your home be free of the grid no more huge bills

Our new Flyer

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Here is our newest flyer!!

Feel free to distribute it around far and wide.  Of course it's got a simple message. Get off Gas, Go Solar, Go for Pure Electric Freedom!!

Make your home ALL ELECTRIC

And run it ON SOLAR


Pure Electric the plug in house - run it all on solar!!

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Denmark backpedalling on renewables a big shame

November 25, 2015 admin Leave a comment

Earlier this year the Danish people voted in a minority right-wing government and unfortunately that resulted in chops to some of the very successful funding programs for renewable energy.

For decades Denmark has been a leader in Renewables and this is a significant set back to have such a trailblazer lose pace. Fortunately all is not lost as Denmark's example, it's innovation and its exports of renewable technology and nohow have signficantly shaped the global renewable revolution that we are now undergoing around the world.