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  • Check our comprehensive Sanden not working checklist here if you think you have a problem with your Sanden Eco heat pump hot water system.

    If you're still unsure after going through this guide - please lodge a Pure Electric Service Case here

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  • You have a Sanden Wi-Fi controller with model Wi-Fi-HPD for your Sa

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  • The Sanden Eco Plus hot heat pump hot water system is available in the following five sizes with our sizing guide below:

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  • Uploading Photos for Sanden Eco Heat Pump Quote

    As heat pump hot water systems receive Government subsidies and rebates, Government authorities are requiring all photos are GEO-tagged to comply.

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  • If you believe your Sanden Eco Heat Pump is not producing hot water, please try the following:

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  • If you have a Sanden Eco heat pump hot water system that is working but you find you're running out of hot water before your Sanden commences it's daily start up - this is most likely because you have a block out time period not suitable for your hot water load consumption.

    Rectification is to change the Bllockout timer setting on your Sanden Eco heat pump (condenser unit) to either of the below Scenarios:

    Most likely your current BO Timer is set up with a 5 hour period (e.g. "1611"- 11am to 4pm) - change this to either:

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  • Why does the Sanden use CO2 as its working gas, what is the benefit?

    • There is far less environmental impact (i.e. No ozone layer depletion and minimal global warming) than other commonly used refrigerants, should the system leak. 

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  • To answer the question why is my cold water valve (or ECV) on my Sanden leaking a lot what is causing this? A few elements to consider.

    To protect your Sanden unit from excessive pressure there are three valves:

    Valve 1. The pressure reduction valve (PRV) which is located on the water inlet to your home and is set to 500kPa. This valve is designed to keep the pressure out of any tap in your house below 500 kPa.

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  • The Sanden Quick Connection Kit includes the tempering valve, ECV (Expansion Cold Water Valve), elbows, insulation gloves for all the elbows and valves so you have the most efficient set up - you can't buy the insulation gloves separately. Makes the plumbing install much quicker (plumber only needs to source copper + lagging for the copper). Always highly recommended to ensure the Sanden is installed to specifications

    Normally a house with upto 2 bedrooms is 15mm and 3+ is 20mm. 

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  • The flashing red dot (LED) indicates the Sanden is currently in 'sleep mode', it is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. 

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