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Zappi EV Charger and related Myenergi products

  • You can view your Myenergi Zappi EV charger basic controls and data on the Myenergi Hub.

    If you would like to update your Myenergi Hub to the latest firmware, some details for how to update this:

    The Myenergi Hub has two buttons. The steps to update the firmware:

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  • If your Zappi EV charger is not pairing with the Myenrgi Hub - a possibility is 'channel' on the Myenergi Hub does not match the channel on the Zappi EV Charger.

    The remedy to try is to change the channel on your Myenergi Hub so it matches your Zappi EV Charger. Typically by default your Zappi EV Charger channel will be set to Channel 1 (A).

    To change the Myenergi Hub Channel firstly:

    Put Hub into Pairing mode

    To put the hub into pairing mode, briefly press the left-hand button (Pair / Channel)

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  • Myenergi changing radio frequency

    Hubs manufactured from May 2020 onward can operate on two different frequencies – 868Mhz and 915MHz. The frequency used depends on laws in the country where the hub is being used. The hub should be supplied from the factory to operate on the correct frequency, but if the frequency needs to be changed then:

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