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Sanden WiFi Controller how do I reset?

You have a Sanden Wi-Fi controller with model Wi-Fi-HPD for your Sanden Eco Heat Pump Model GAU-A45HPD and you're finding you can't add the Wi-Fi controller when tapping "Add Device"? Read on below.

Some symptoms reported by clients are:

  • Wi-Fi Controller shows connectivity, but cannot change settings
  • Heat Pump Status remains on Standby
  • Wi-Fi status lights are correct but cannot find the Wi-Fi controller when tapping “Add Device”.


  • Check that Communication setting mode, C_SE is set to onHP on internal, Smart Controller
  • Remove front cover of Wi-Fi controller, using a Phillips head screwdriver.

NB: Do not use a screw gun / drill as you will overtighten the screws when re-installing 

  • Identify “SW1” and flick the 4th switch position to the opposite side. (You do not need to flick it back).
  • LED display will be Red/Blue/Red
  • Open the Smart Life App and tap “+” top right corner,then tap “Add Device”:
  • App will search for devices, displays the Heat Pump under the “Discovering devices” heading. Tap “Add”.
  • Enter Wi-Fi Uername and Password, then tap “Next”
  • App will confirm device being added, then tap “Done”.
  • LED display will be Red/Blue/Green

You can also check out our page PDF page here which includes screenshots ->

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