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Sanden Heat Pump Hot Water Not Working? Try this

If you believe your Sanden Eco Heat Pump is not producing hot water, please try the following:

  1. Unless there is water pouring (not dripping) out of the unit, do not turn the unit off and on until you've checked the clock / control panel for an error message (under our "Resources" section you can find the different error code pages to help you determine what an error code looks like). If water is pouring out then turn the unit off at the isolator and at the switchboard that circuit is attached to.
  2. Pull the PTR Valve on the Tank - this confirms if there is hot water in the tank. If unsure about the water temperature use a thermometer. If water is cold goto (2) If there is 50C or so hot water in the tank then the problem is not the heat pump system) the problem is on the house side of the tank.  So the tempering valve needs to be checked for a blockage / choke, if it is installed upside down or if it has failed (they are consumable items with a lifespan of 5-6 years and they fail to safe when they fail meaning cold water).
  3. Check the electricity supply - Confirm/check both (1) circuit breaker at the switchboard is ON + (2) Isolator at the HP unit is ON
  4. If you see a little Red Dot in the bottom right corner, then the HP unit has power connected. For the older G2 model 2010-2016 the dot is on the controller hidden under the lid - you will need a screwdriver to remove the 4 screws from the each end of the lid.
  5. Check if there are any Error Codes at the clock/computer control panel. If an error code is present, take note of the Error Code. Turn off the HP at the isolator (wait 1 minute) and turn on the HP again to see if the Error Code re-appears. The unit is functioning correctly if it blows cold air for more than 30minutes. NOTE: The unit takes about 7 minutes to start blowing cold air after power is applied.
  6. If system is newly installed or new plumbing works have occurred on site confirm that the tempering safety valve (valve with orange/yellow cap) is installed the right way up with a H on the vertical barrel above the adjustable valve and a C below the adjustable valve. If the system is more than 5 years old please note these valves officially only have a minimum life span of 5 years and may need replacing.
  7. Air bleed the system - Open the water drain plugs on the right hand side of the HP unit (one at a time for a good 3 minutes PER drain plug, ONE at a time). G4 units have an additional bleed port on the underside of the heat pump - please only turn this 180 degrees approx when opening it up - bleed this for 3 minutes also.  Re-set the HP unit at the Isolator.
  8. Hard re-set the HP unit controller:
    1. Switch off power to the HP
    2. With power switched off press and hold down both “Up” and “Down” keys on the control panel simultaneously
    3. With the keys still pressed switch on power to the unit, the display will show “FClr” .... wait 10 seconds.
    4. To complete the reset cycle power to the unit off (wait 1 minute) and then on again.
    5. With power back on the time will be displayed (if required adjust to correct time) and the unit will run it's start up procedure.
    6. When switching power on again, the country setting "1.AU" may appear on the display. If for any reasons this setting remains on the display, simply press "Enter" and the Control Panel to confirm and HP will continue the start-up process.
  9. Physical inspection of the HP
    1. Turn off the electrical isolator, to allow power to discharge, wait 5 minutes after the power is turned off
    2. Take the top panel off by unscrewing the 4x screws
    3. Check to see if any debris/foreign objects are the top of the unit
  10. If an onsite plumber or electrician has a volt meter check for ~230VAC at the terminals on the side of the unit.
  11. If you have an older G2 unit and E124 is displaying then the unit has been subject to either high grid voltages or has suffered a power spike. Adding a timer to the switchboard and keeping the unit powered off for more than 19 hours per day can clear the fault for each and every use. This is successful in 50% of cases however works better where it is done the first time the error is ever seen. Not where the unit has been turned on and off many times.
  12. If you are getting E040 on an older G2 unit then you can clean the filter via the filter housing at the bottom of the unit adjacent the air bleed drain plugs. This may get you up and running again temporarily while you book a service. BOOK YOUR SERVICE OPTION HERE
  13. For blockages in newer units a 3 way ball valve can be installed which allows the consumer to perform their own reverse flush of the system. This maintenance step is normally part of a 4 year service can then be done annually just before the air bleed is performed.


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