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Sanden Eco Hot Water Tank Size Options? Which tank size should I choose?

The Sanden Eco Plus hot heat pump hot water system is available in the following five sizes with our sizing guide below:

Tank size/shape Tank Code System No. of People No. of Bathrooms Dwelling type Off-peak & Continuous tariffs? Tank Diameter (mm) Tank Height (mm)
160L SS SAN-160SAQA GAUS-160FQTS 1 1 Bedsits Continuous only 621 970
250L SS SAN-250SAQA GAUS-250FQTS 1-3 1-2 Residential Both 621 1428
300L Tall SS SAN-300SAQA GAUS-300FQTS 2-6 1-3 Residential Both 580 1891
315L SS SAN-315SAQA GAUS-315FQTS 2-6 1-3 Residential Both 621 1748
315L VE SAN-315VE GAUS-315FQTV 2-6 1-3 Residential Both 638 1626

*SS = Stainless Steel // VE = Vitreous Enamel

The same Sanden Heat Pump condenser unit is used in combination with different tanks sizes. So which tank size you would like?

When considering tank sizes - we need to consider a few factors - number of people, number of bathrooms, the heat recovery rate.

If you're using an existing hot water system for comparison - here are some comments/thoughts:

If you have an existing gas storage hot water system (e.g. 130L / 170L) - these are much smaller in capacity but they will reheat several times a day. Therefore the Sanden tank size will be larger than an existing gas storage replacement with the Sanden re-heat typically only required once per day - a good opportunity to maximise rooftop solar PV production or to utilise an off peak tariff.

If you have an existing electric storage hot water system (e.g. 400L 3.6kW unit) - these electric storage 3.6kW units recover heat at a slower rate (60L/hr) compared to a Sanden heat pump (approx. 80L/hr). Therefore a 400L electric storage hot water system would equate to a 300L/315L Sanden system in this example.

Based on our years providing the Sanden Eco heat pump hot water system - here are our tank recommendations for different scenarios (SS - Stainless Steel // VE - Vitreous Enamel):

160L SS: Only recommended for 1 person bedsits. This tank size is rarely chosen and due to its small tank size must be run in Continuous only mode (no blockout timer can be set up).

250L SS: Typically 1-3 person household with 1 bathroom. Height just under 1.5m with tank diameter 621mm.

300L SS: The Tall Slim - the most popular and best recommended tank choice. Recommended for 2-6 people. Tank diameter 580mm and tank height just under 1.9m. If no height restrictions apply, this is the recommended tank for majority of situations and considered best value for money across the tank sizes.

315L SS: The largest tank size with an additional 15L delivered hot water (5% more) compared to the 300L Tall Slim tank. Tank diameter 621mm with tank height 1.74m - this is recommended if the 300L tall slim tank is too tall for your application.

315L VE: Tank diameter 638mm with tank height 1.63m with 315L delivered hot water. This VE tank is specified for poor water quality areas - you can identify if you are in a poor water quality area via the Sanden website ->

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