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Solar Victoria Solar Hot Water Rebate - Up to $1000 for Vic customers installing Sanden Eco Heat Pump

March 21, 2019 admin Leave a comment

Solar Victoria have announced the Solar Hot Water Rebate where you can claim up to $1000 rebate for solar and heat pump hot water systems.

This is great news for Victorians who are looking to save on their bills and emissions with a high efficiency hot water system.

An important element of the Rebate is the requirement to have at least 5 years warranty on all major components.

Offsetting your emissions – it’s about the economy stupid

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Some people get bogged down with emissions calculations.  They try and account for their energy at home, gas and electricity, transportation, driving, flying and using public transport and total waste to landfill,  They sometimes add in food which covers growing and transport of that food.  A lot of time is spent on these calculations.

Sunpower retakes the crown it never lost with new 400W world’s most efficient panel

March 18, 2019 admin Leave a comment


Sunpower’s leading residential format panel is now 400W with its new Maxeon G3 range.  The main technological advance is in the production which it says is as much as 50% cheaper than its old method of getting cells out the door with world leading efficiency.  There are some other benefits too including a 20% reduction in temperature derating due to heat.