Sunpower retakes the crown it never lost with new 400W world’s most efficient panel

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Sunpower’s leading residential format panel is now 400W with its new Maxeon G3 range.  The main technological advance is in the production which it says is as much as 50% cheaper than its old method of getting cells out the door with world leading efficiency.  There are some other benefits too including a 20% reduction in temperature derating due to heat.

The 10 dumb myths of solar installers

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The 10 dumb myths of solar installers

As mentioned in a previous article, I've been arranging the installation of a number of solar systems lately. And I like to do them big (the efficient option); I like to get them for the lowest price (within reason, because I want a good job with reasonable quality components); and I like to make sure the economics are understood and that customers are maximising self-consumption while recognising economic value for their exports.

The Sneaky War Against Renewables in the Bush

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If you live in a remote area of Victoria the government will subsidies your off-grid fuel needs ...and help out their mates in the fossil fuel industry. However they won't help you out if you want to have an all electric home powered by solar and batteries. The question is why not? It is a superior option, so why doesn't it receive the same subsidy.

40kW to be the new norm for household solar

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Tesla's merger with Solarcity has now gone through and this will mean big solar on houses.  And when they mean big they mean upto 8 or 10 times what is being installed today.  From add on systems that are commonplace now Tesla in the new year will be offering solar tiling which covers the entire roof from ridge-lines to gutters, which would provide capacities in the range 20 - 40kW.