Methven Kiri Satinjet Ultra Low Flow Good Design Award

Is your apartment running out of hot water?


It’s common for Apartments, Flats, Units, small homes, tiny homes call them what you will to run out of hot water.  The problem is space and that they’re built to a budget.  A common hot water service for such a home is 50L electric.  More often than not this kind of accommodation is rental leaving people who live there not too much choice on what they can do with the hot water service.


If the hot water service is electric 50L or any other size and internal then you can pack that space with polyester, mineral fibre or equivalent insulation batts or a doona.  The reality is that hot water services especially cheaper ones generally used in apartments have thin walls with minimal insulation. By insulating them your saving money and your extending the available hot water service.

The biggest thing you can do is to get a Methven Kiri Satinjet Ultra Low Flow shower head 4.5L.  The special 4.5L version has the best water distribution of any ultra-low flow showerhead winning the coveted Good Design Award which is important so that people feel they’re having an enjoyable relaxing shower while saving water and energy.


In common cases the payback on the Methven at $155 is between 3 months and 12 months.   There is just about no better investment available.


So are you and your family stuck with 10 minute showers? switch to Methven Kiri Satinjet and you could easily be extend that showering time out to 20 minutes. Which means two of you can shower and there’ll be some hot water left for the dishes.


The Methven Kiri Satinjet Ultra Low Flow should become the future minimum standard of showerhead across Australia.   It’s saving water and energy which is saving householders money.  It’s saving the environment, as we will need less dams and less desalination plants. The Methven Kiri Satinjet Ulra Low Flow is the single biggest winner for environmental performance of any product on the market.