Everything you need to know about induction cook tops

August 15, 2019 manager Leave a comment

Induction cook tops are the 3rd piece of equipment the average house needs to go all electric, once hot water and space heating has taken care of via heat pumps.  But to many people induction cooking is a bit of a mystery, this article aims to demystify induction cook tops and show why this decades-old technology is the best option for cooking on your range.

800W solar panels to be the norm in less than 20 years

July 14, 2019 admin Leave a comment

Solar panel development is pressing ahead in leaps and bounds.  Today you can have 400W residential panels. The Sunpower Maxeon III 400W is the world's best solar panel featuring the world's best cells. You can be inspired about the Sunpower Maxeon III 400W just by watching Sunpower's promotional video.  What's even cooler is that this top of the line technology available to you now is only just the beginning.