Off grid Miss MISSTEPS

April 8, 2019 admin Leave a comment

Missteps, mishaps and mistakes – don’t let it happen to you when you go offgrid. Here, Pure Electric* director and regular EG contributor, Matthew Wright, describes 11 problems to avoid when going offgrid.

The Electric Revolution End Game is nigh

April 4, 2019 admin Leave a comment

In 24 months, it will be game over for the fossil fuel industry.  The beast that is consuming the planet has been bellowing in agony of late, as it bleeds kWh from the agile renewable energy sector but a decisive encounter of the energy battle fast approaches.


Offsetting your emissions – it’s about the economy stupid

March 21, 2019 admin Leave a comment


Some people get bogged down with emissions calculations.  They try and account for their energy at home, gas and electricity, transportation, driving, flying and using public transport and total waste to landfill,  They sometimes add in food which covers growing and transport of that food.  A lot of time is spent on these calculations.