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Solar Victoria Solar Hot Water Rebate - Up to $1000 for Vic customers installing Sanden Eco Heat Pump

Solar Victoria Solar Hot Water Rebate - Up to $1000 for Vic customers installing Sanden Eco Heat Pump

Solar Victoria have announced the Solar Hot Water Rebate where you can claim up to $1000 rebate for solar and heat pump hot water systems.

This is great news for Victorians who are looking to save on their bills and emissions with a high efficiency hot water system.

An important element of the Rebate is the requirement to have at least 5 years warranty on all major components.

The Sanden Eco Heat Pump Hot Water System is the only heat pump hot water system available in Australia that meets this crucial requirement, with the Sanden providing 6 years warranty on the heat pump fully inclusive parts and labour + 15 years tank warranty parts and labour. All other heat pump hot water systems don't meet this requirement and thus according to Solar Victoria are not eligible under the Rebate scheme.

If you would like to see if you are eligible, head over to the Solar Victoria Solar Hot Water Rebate page, Solar Victoria's eligibility criteria where you must be able to answer 'Yes' to the following:

  • Do you have a combined taxable income of less than $180,000 per annum? (based on the 2016/17 or 2017/18 tax assessment notices for the property owners as evidenced in the rates notice, or proof of pension income  e.g.  Centrelink payment summary)
  • Are you the owner-occupier of the property?
  • Is the property valued at under $3 million?
  • Are you replacing an existing hot water system OR an existing solar hot water that is at least three years old?
  • Can you confirm that you haven't applied for or received for solar PV under the Solar Homes Package?

Solar Victoria note that households are only eligible for one rebate under the Solar Homes Package (i.e. either solar PV or solar hot water).

If you are eligibile for the rebate, at Pure Electric we would be very pleased to help, simply go to the Get a Free Quote page and we'll get you going on your efficient electric journey!

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