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How to Update Fronius SnapINverter Datamanager and Firmware

For your Fronius SnapINverter (Fronius Primo / Symo) - here we recommend having the most up to date firmware so you get the best out of your rooftop solar PV system with your Fronius SnapINverter.

We recommend setting up regular Calendar reminders to review the current system firmware settings - a recommended interval for checking is annually every 12 months.

IMPORTANT: Ensure the Datamanger is updated BEFORE the Firmware is updated. Detail below:

1. Log into Fronius Solar.web (

2. Select your solar PV system

3. Click on the Settings tab

4. Click on the Components tab

5. Begin the update process for the Fronius Datamanager. Select the Data Source and click UPDATE (Important! Wait until this is complete before proceeding to the next step)

6. Updating the Fronius SnapINverter firmware by selecting the Inverter and click UPDATE (Note this process can take up to 20-60 minutes for this process to complete.)

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