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How to set "Night Mode" for Solar PV System with Fronius SnapINverter?

For your solar PV monitoring - Fronius SnapINverter - you can utilise the "Night Mode" setting if you would like to observe your load data when the solar PV system is turned off overnight.

Go to the Fronius inverter and do the following:

+ Step 1: Push the Left/Right button until you see "SETUP" (the symbol looks like a spanner cross with a screwdriver) and press ENTER (physical button furthest to the right)

+ Step 2: Scroll down until you see, "Display Settings", press ENTER

+ Step 3: Scroll once down again to, "Night Mode", press ENTER

+ Step 4: Click the + or - buttons to switch the "Night Mode" setup parameter to "ON", press ENTER

And now you should see your overnight usage will be displayed in your Fronius Solar.web account.

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