The air conditioner stops generating air flow during operation.

Once the set temperature is reached, the airflow rate is reduced and operation is stopped in order to avoid generating cool airflow (during heating) or in order to keep the humidity from rising (during cooling). Operation will resume automatically when the indoor temperature rises or falls.

Unit does not start immediately when “ON/OFF” button was pressed, soon after operation was stopped or when a new mode is selected.

The delay in starting in these situations is to protect the air conditioner from wear and tear. You should wait for about 3 minutes before trying these options. 

The HEAT operation stops suddenly and a flowing sound is heard.

The outdoor unit is taking away the frost. The HEAT operation starts after the frost on the outdoor unit is removed. You should wait for about 4 to 12 minutes.

The flap does not start swing immediately.

The air conditioner is adjusting the flap position. The flap will start moving soon.

The radiant panel surface temperature doesn't feel very hot

During RADIANT1 or RADIANT2 operation, the surface temperature of the panel will be about 55°C at maximum; this is the normal condition.