Daikin US7 living comfortably 2.6kW 3.6kW 5.0kW

The Daikin US7 (short for Ururu Sarara) is the first 7 star Energy efficient heat pump. This unit is more than just a heat pump / air conditioner, it includes functions to heat, cool, humidify, dehumidify, purify and ventilate the air. This unit is packed with advanced features and is one of a kind in the market place. There is no longer any need to buy three appliances for total climate control in your home. Not only will you have the best comfort solution available for your space heating and cooling requirement but with a Daikin US7 you will save plenty on your household heating and cooling running costs year after year.

Running Costs Simplified

In simple terms the smaller 2.5kW (cooling) 3.6kW (heating) unit (FTXZ25NV1B) which is the size we most commonly supply to customers, when operating at rated output will cost approximately 3.2c per kilowatt hour to operate.  If you combine it with solar which we recommend and are happy to supply then it will cost even less - equivalent of 1.2c per kilowatt hour to operate. (Based on Victorian average Powershop electricity rates)


The US7 heater air-conditioner is more than 600% efficient compared to direct electric systems and more than 1200% efficient when compared to average existing gas ducted systems.  To put it in different terms the unit uses 1/6 the energy of a conventional electric resistive heater and 1/12th the energy of an average existing gas ducted heating system.


  • Delivers humidification and dehumidification all in one system
  • Brings fresh, conditioned air into the room
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Offers inverter technology efficiencies which lead to upto 30% savings over conventional split systems.
  • Automatic cleaning filters for up to 25% additional energy savings

The award winning Ururu Sarara offers you the ultimate comfort solution with extremely low environmental impact and low energy consumption.



Winner of the prestigious 2013 reddot design award in the air conditioning category. Daikin US7 Ururu Sarara 7 reddot design award 2013 - best design heatpump


Avoids dry air in winter and dehumidifies in summer.


Ventilation and purification, guided by a motion-based intelligent eye, for perfect air when and where you need it.


Control it with a wireless remote control, via an app or as part of your home automation system.


The highest energy efficiency unit and only unit to achieve the Federal Government's 7 star rating. Thanks to advanced energy-saving technologies.

Five (5) air treatment techniques

1. Heating and cooling

The Ururu Sarara can heat or cool any room quickly and efficiently, making it an invaluable part of the home throughout the year

2. Humidification, even during heating

Temperature can’t measure how a room feels. 

The air around us naturally contains a certain amount of moisture. Making the air too dry not only makes your room feel too cool, it also leads to sore throats and dry skin as well as making the body feel warmer, even at lower temperatures - thus reducing heating demand and energy consumption.

Humidification is known as ‘Ururu’ in Japanese. For humidification, no water reservoir is required. Moisture is absorbed from the outdoor unit and streams into the indoor unit where it is evenly distributed throughout the room. The Ururu Sarara’s intelligent humidification system draws in just the right amount of latent moisture from outside.  Ururu humidifying operation offers improved no-water-supply humidification with Daikin's unique technology which allows the Ururu to use the moisture already present outside your house to supply and operate the built in humidification feature.

Daikin US7 humidification FTXZ35N Daikin US7 ururu sarara 7 humidification FTXZ35N

          Temperature 22°C 

          Humidity 20% 

          You feel cold in dry air even at a higher temperature

                                     Temperature 22°C 

                                     Humidity 50% 

                                     You feel comparatively warmer in humidified air


Humidification for comfort with Daikin US7 - you feel warmer with the right humidity set

3. Sarara dehumidification without heat loss

There’s more than one way to cool a room in summer. 

Dehumidification, or ‘Sarara’ in Japanese, reduces the indoor humidity without affecting the room temperature, by mixing cool, dry air with warm air. So no hot and stuffy rooms any longer! During summer, ambient humidity rises, making rooms feel hot and oppressive. With conventional systems, you’d have to cool the room, wasting energy and electricity.  In basic terms the advantage of having an inbuilt desiccant wheel (the special hardware that only US7 has out of all domestic units)  is that cooling and humidity control can be dialed up separately.  If it's muggy - you are not forced to cool the house to extremely low temperatures (or at all) to remove the excess humidity).

The Ururu Sarara’s intelligent dehumidification automatically and efficiently transfers the excess moisture out of the room, while always maintaining an even temperature. 

Ururu Sarara - dehumidification 80  Ururu Sarara - dehumidification 50 
Temperature 25°C 
Humidity 80% 
You feel warm in humid air even at a constant temperature
Temperature 25°C 
Humidity 50% 
You feel comparatively cooler in dehumidified air


Dehumidification with the Daikin Ururu Sarara - you'll feel more comfortable at 50% humidity

4. Ventilation

Fresh air, even with closed windows 

Unlike a conventional system, US7 brings filtered outside air into your room and because of its powerful ventilation capacity it can fill a 26m2 room with filtered outside air in less than two hours (on standard mode - even more if high is selected) Furthermore, the incoming air is brought to the desired temperature for enhanced comfort. The air supply fan is located in the outdoor unit, which minimises indoor noise.

5. Air purification

Non-stop purified and allergy-free air with Daikin Flash Streamer technology 

The Ururu Sarara purifies the incoming air by passing it through dust and pollen filters before the photocatalytic air purification filter breaks down any odours such as cigarette smoke and cooking smells.  In the final stage, the Flash Streamer breaks down any possible remnants of harmful chemicals, viruses and moulds. All options including the flash streamer can be optionally enabled or disabled as required.

  1. Pre-filter catches dust
  2. Flash streamer releases streams of high-speed electrons with strong oxidation power
  3. Deodorising filter absorbs and breaks down odours before the air is returned into the room




3-area intelligent eye

Daikin has developed an ‘intelligent eye’ for the Ururu Sarara. It’s a motion detector that knows when you’re in the room, turns the power down and even switches off the unit if you’re not. 

But it also knows where you are in the room, and directs the air flow away from you. A really smart way to control a room’s temperature without ruining its atmosphere.

Automatic filter cleaning

Air conditioners use filters to clean the air as it passes through the unit. And the more particles that collect in the filter, the less efficiently it works. But the Ururu Sarara’s state-of-the-art self-cleaning technology makes that a thing of the past. You get a constantly stable air flow rate while it uses 25% less power. 

An internal brush automatically removes dust from US7’s air filter, helping maintain stable airflow and reducing power consumption, which increases when filters are blocked or dirty. Dust is collected in a convenient, easy to empty container.

Even Air distribution

Completely Revamping the Indoor Unit Design Structure to Increase Efficiency

Conventional air conditioners that draw air from the upper part of the unit do not allow sufficient utilization of the heat exchanger on the back of the indoor unit. By redesigning the interior unit from scratch and giving it a specially developed, industry-first flap with dual intake structure so that it sucks air from below, we boosted the efficiency of the heat exchanger.

Conventional air conditioners that draw air from the upper part of the unit do not allow sufficient utilization of the heat exchanger on the back of the indoor unit. By redesigning the interior unit from scratch and giving it a specially developed, industry-first*1 flap with dual intake structure so that it sucks air from below, we boosted the efficiency of the heat exchanger.

Daikin US7 - Ururu Sarara 7 Dual air intake for even air distribution

Yuragi-pattern airflow reproduces a natural breeze effect We improved our airflow control technology to achieve a natural breeze effect that is comfortable on the human body even over long periods of time.

Circulating airflow an innovative approach relies on a newly designed flap and dual intake structure, the product achieves a circulating airflow that takes air to every corner of even a large living room.

Coanda Airflow
The Ururu Sarara 7 has been redesigned to push air "up and over" furniture and objects up to 12 meters from the unit. The louvres have been newly designed to direct air towards the ceiling causing cold air to runs along the ceiling through the "coanda Effect".   This cold air then comes down opposing walls to give an even distribution of the resultant "coolth" also minimising draughtiness that may be experience with other units and ducted systems.



Ururu Sarara US7 Coanda Air-flow heating heatpump air conditioningCoanda air flow Daikin Ururu Sarara urusara US7 heatpump

From the diagram we can see that a conventional air conditioner will direct out cold air straight out and down which will fall right away due to the fact that hot air rises and cold air falls. Furniture and other obstructions then impede the airflow creating pockets of cooler air in some parts of the room and much warmer pockets in other parts.

The "Coanda Effect" used by the Ururu Sarara 7 ensures that temperature distribution is more even and there is a lot less of a chance for different temperature pockets of air to be present in a room creating a much more comfortable outcome.

Therefore the Ururu Sarara 7 will achieve the desired set temperature in a room much quicker than conventional air conditioners.

Daikin Inverter technology utilising the most efficient swing compressor technology

Leading Daikin Inverter technology for even more savings

Daikin’s inverter technology is a true innovation in the field of climate control. The principle is simple: inverters adjust the power used to suit the actual requirement - no more, no less! This technology provides you with two clear benefits:


Comfort: The inverter repays its investment many times over by improving comfort. An air conditioning system with an inverter continuously adjusts its cooling and heating output to suit the temperature in the room, thus improving comfort levels. The inverter reduces system start-up time, so the required room temperature is reached more quickly. As soon as the correct temperature is reached, the inverter ensures that it is constantly maintained.


Energy efficient: Because an inverter monitors and adjusts the ambient temperature whenever needed, energy consumption drops by 30% compared with a traditional on/off system.

Daikin Reluctance Scroll motor - innovation standard on US7 Ururu Sarara 7


Daikin Swing compressor vs conventional rotary compressor video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SiF7yqFwXQ


Always in control


The Ururu Sarara comes with a handy remote that tells you everything you need to know at a glance (even in the dark thanks to its illuminated buttons).

But you can also set the temperature without even being in the room via your iPhone or Android smartphone, or as part of your home automation system.


Daikin US7 Video manual for the remote control operation.

Other Videos


Unit components


Daikin Remote control


Technical Specifications



Casing Colour White White White
Dimensions Unit Height mm 295 295 295
    Width mm 798 798 798
    Depth mm 372 372 372
Weight Unit kg 15 15 15
Fan Air flow rate Cooling Nom. m³/min 7.5 8.4 9.2
    Heating Nom. m³/min 8.6 9.2 10.7
Sound power level Cooling dBA 54 57 60
  Heating dBA 56 57 59
Sound pressure level Cooling Nom. dBA 33 35 38
  Heating Nom. dBA 35 36 38
Piping connections Liquid OD mm 6.35 6.35 6.35
  Gas OD mm 9.5 9.5 9.5
Standard Accessories Item Photocatalytic air purifying and deodorising filter Photocatalytic air purifying and deodorising filter Photocatalytic air purifying and deodorising filter
  Quantity 1 1 1
  Item Wireless remote control Wireless remote control Wireless remote control
  Quantity 1 1 1
  Item Dry batteries Dry batteries Dry batteries
  Quantity 2 2 2
  Item Remote control holder Remote control holder Remote control holder
  Quantity 1 1 1
  Item Indoor unit fixing screws Indoor unit fixing screws Indoor unit fixing screws
  Quantity 3 3 3
  Item Mounting plate Mounting plate Mounting plate
  Quantity 1 1 1
Power supply Name V1 V1 V1
  Phase 1~ 1~ 1~
  Frequency Hz 50 50 50
  Voltage V 220-240 220-240 220-240
Notes   220V 220V 220V
    230V 230V 230V
    240V 240V 240V
    Front of heat exchanger Front of heat exchanger Front of heat exchanger
    Back of heat exchanger Back of heat exchanger Back of heat exchanger


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