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Solar PV Inverters

Our focus is on supplying quality solar PV inverters to our clients.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • There are many benefits in installing a solar PV system including:

    • Reduce or eliminate your power bill - you can regain control of your electricity costs. 
    • A revenue generating asset - you make back many times the initial cost of the system over the lifetime of your solar PV system.
    • Add value to your home - a solar system adds value to your home increasing the resale value. 
    • Reduce your carbon footprint - a solar system generates no greenhouse gases while in operation giving you zero carbon power and lowing your overall carbon footprint. 


What they are saying about us

Solar PV system We installed a solar PV system through Pure Electric and have been really happy with the whole process. Paul is really knowledgeable and responsive with any questions, the installer an...

Thomson Fahey Family

Pure Electric recently installed a solar PV system for us. Paul is extremely knowledgable and designed a suitably sized, high quality system while taking into account the limitations of our small roof...

Colette Haydon John

Reliable and very competent.

Peter Court

1300 86 78 73
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