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Fronius Smart Meter

Fronius Smart Meter

#1. What is Fronius Smart Meter ?

The Fronius Smart Meter is a bidirectional meter which optimises self-consumption and records the household‘s load curve.

Thanks to highly accurate measurements and rapid communication via the Modbus RTU interface, dynamic feed-in control when feed-in limits are imposed is faster and more accurate than with the S0 meter.

Together with Fronius Solar.web, the Fronius Smart Meter presents a clear overview of power consumption. In the Fronius Energy Package storage solution, the Fronius Smart Meter provides perfectly coordinated management of the various energy flows and optimises overall energy management.

The Fronius Smart Meter is ideally suited for use with the Fronius Symo, Fronius Symo Hybrid, Fronius Galvo, Fronius Primo, Fronius Eco inverters and the Fronius Datamanager 2.0.

 Here are some screenshots which show the excellent monitoring that comes with the Fronius Smart Meter coupled with the Fronius inverter.

Real time system interactions

Realtime System Interactions


See your solar PV exports in relation to your real time demand.

See Solar PV Exports


#2 . Technical Specifications

Nominal voltage 230 – 240 V 400 – 415 V 400 – 415 V
Max. current 1 x 63 A 3 x 63 A 3 x 50,000 A(1)
Cable cross-section, power path 1 – 16 mm2 1 – 16 mm2 0.05 - 4 mm2
Cable cross-section, communication 0.05 – 4 mm2 0.05 – 4 mm2 0.05 – 4 mm2
Installation DIN rail DIN rail DIN rail
Housing (width) 2 pole DIN 43880 4 pole DIN 43880 4 pole DIN 43880
Measurement (mm) 89 x 35 x 65.6 89 x 71.2 x 65.6 89 x 71.2 x 65.6
Accuracy class 1 1 1
Interface to inverter Modbus RTU (RS485) Modbus RTU (RS485) Modbus RTU (RS485)
Display 6-digit LCD 8-digit LCD 8-digit LCD
Connection for measurement (current) Direct connect Direct connect Via current transducers (CTs)(2)

1 - CTs with 5A secondary output

2 -CTs are not included in Smart Meter 

#3. The Advantages at A Glance

✔️Fast and accurate dynamic feed-in control

✔️Clear overview of power consumption, feed-in and surplus energy in Fronius Solar.web 

✔️Energy management with the Fronius storage solutions

✔️Identifiying opportunities to optimize the pv system

✔️Monitoring and analyzing heavy loads

The Advantages at A Glance- Fronius Smart Meter

#4. Configuration Diagram

4.1. Grid Connected Configuration Diagram

Grid Connected Configuration Diagram

4.1. Storage Solution Configuration Diagram

Storage Solution Configuration Diagram


The Fronius Smart Meter is compatible with all inverters with an RS485 interface (Modbus RTU). The Fronius Smart Meter can be retrofitted at any time together with the Fronius Datamanager 2.0 in inverters that have already been installed.

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