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Where can I purchase a Daikin in Australia?

Where can I purchase a Daikin In Australia


Where can I purchase a Daikin in Australia?

Heating/Cooling heat pumps Daikin is exclusively available from Pure Electric Solutions.

Our readily-available Heating/Cooling heat pumps Daikin specialists provide premium services using an on-site consultation to assess, plan and install the right air-conditioning solution with careful consideration to the needs of your family or business across Australia.

Pure Electric is here with you to think through each vital step in making your choice and ensure your experience is an enjoyable one.

Once you have evaluated your options and chosen the right Heating/Cooling heat pumps Daikin for your needs, our installer takes care of the installation neatly and professionally, and with the protection of Daikin's 5-year warranty that will help keep your home or business comfortable for many years to come.

Contact us to find your nearest installation support on 1300 86 78 73

State Local Number: 

+ Victoria (VIC): 03 8595 3833

+ Australian Capital Territory (ACT): 02 6225 8115

+ South Australia (SA): 08 7123 6454

+ New South Wales (NSW): 02 9037 7311

+ Queensland (QLD): 07 3059 9729

+ Western Australia (WA): 08 6244 4348

Our Daikin products include:

Daikin US7  Daikin Alira - Daikin Nexura - Daikin Perfera

1300 86 78 73
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