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  • [Sanden Eco Heat Pump]Eco-Friendly - Why employ R744 (CO2 ) refrigerant? It offers no ozone layer depletion and minimal global warming (ie. as per table below) versus other commonly used refrigerants, should the system leak. It performs higher compression efficiency, ...

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  • Australian solar homeowners may soon be facing charges to export their clean solar energy into the power grid, under rule changes being proposed by the Australian Energy Market Commission.

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  • If you unfortunately have to face a problem using our Hot Water Heat Pump system, please check the following items, before seeking for professional help.

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  • When an error occurs, a red LED on the operation panel turns on and an error code is displayed on the LED display.

    The panel does not turn to the display sleep mode while the error code is shown.

    Covering model numbers for residence: 

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    • Enjoy the higher STC rewards even before you turn a hot water tap on.
    • Why purchase a Sanden Eco® Plus Hot Water Heat Pump System?
    • How a Sanden Eco® Plus System Works.
    • Superior Features and Benefits.
    • How Sanden delivers better Performance and Savings
    • Whisper Quiet Operation

    1. Enjoy the higher STC rewards even before you turn a hot water tap on.

    The new Sanden Eco® Plus system is the most energy efficient hot water heat pump currently available on the market.

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  • [Heat Pump] - How does a heat pump work ? A heat pump is a device that moves heat from the outdoors to the indoors, or vice versa depending on your needs. Similar to a refrigerator, the heat pump evaporates refrigerant at low pressure to absorb heat from ...

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  • How long do heat pumps last? This question is a little bit like 'how long is a piece of string', however it is useful to know something about the expected service life of a heat pump and what affects it.

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  • A backyard pool is a major drawcard in summer, your house will certainly be popular amongst your friends and neighbours as things heat up, but what will probably not be popular with you is paying for pool operation and maintenance costs, especially energy costs.

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  •  Firstly what do we mean by end use services? Well that would be things like transport (moving you from point A to point B), heating (the vast majority of cooling is already electrified) and to a much lesser extent things like electrifying power tools (lawn mowers, leaf blowers etc) that might currently be petrol powered

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  • Heat pumps have the potential to save Australia at least 127 TWh of energy; this is a staggering amount as Australia only generated a total of 227 TWh of electrical power in 2018.   This 127 TWh figures is divided into 100 TWh of savings from space heating and 27 TWh of savings from hot water heating.

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