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Error Codes - Sanden Eco Plus FQS - FQV Installation Manual

When an error occurs, a red LED on the operation panel turns on and an error code is displayed on the LED display.

The panel does not turn to the display sleep mode while the error code is shown.

Covering model numbers for residence: 

  • GAUS-160FQS
  • GAUS-250FQS
  • GAUS-300FQS
  • GAUS-315FQS
  • GAUS-315FQV
Error Codes - Sanden Eco Plus FQS - FQV Installation Manual

Below is the list of the error codes. If the corrective action does not solve the error problem, a malfunction of the PCB is highly likely.


Error code Error contents Error code Error contents
H9 HP ambient temperature thermistor error FS Communication error between main PCB to control PCB
HC HP water outlet temperature thermistor error E8 High inlet current error
J3 HP discharge temperature thermistor error H8 Current error
JS HP suction temperature thermistor error L4 High temperature of module error
J6 HP Heat exchanger temperature thermistor error LS High outlet current error
J8 HP water inlet temperature thermistor error P4 Module temperature thermistor error
H7 Tank temperature thermistor error U2 High voltage error
E6 Compressor booting error HJ Water circuit error
H6 Compressor revolution error EC High water outlet error
uo Refrigerant leakage error E9 Water pump error
E1 Main PCB error E7 Fan motor locked
E2 L7 Control PCB error F3 Discharged temperature error

If you have any question about the Sanden Eco® PLUS Hot Water Heat Pump System which is not listed in our FAQ, please don't hesitate to email us and we'll find the answer for you.

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