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Why choose a sanden eco heat pump system for your home ?

Sanden Eco® Plus Heat Pump

Sanden is a Japanese-owned global business that has earned a solid reputation as a leader in the field of heating and cooling technology.

The Sanden Heat Pump Water Heater System has been designed using the latest refrigeration technology to remove the heat from the air to heat water. The refrigerant we use is CO2 which does not contribute to global warming so it allows us to help keep a clean healthy earth for future generations.

We have also considered the power requirement. By using CO2 as the refrigerant we have produced one of the most energy efficient units currently available. It’s even more efficient when connected to off-peak power1 and the noise level is so low it will operate unobtrusively throughout the night.

How do Sanden Heat Pumps Work?

The Sanden Eco® Plus Hot Water Heat Pump System operates like a refrigerator in reverse.

The Heat Pump Water Heater System heats water by transferring the heat from the surrounding air to the water using a refrigerant. The refrigerant is heated by a heat exchanger that absorbs heat from the surrounding air.

Heat Pump Water Heater System

Why choose a sanden eco heat pump system for your home?

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