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  • My Sanden Hot Water Is Dripping, Should I Be Worried?

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  • Sharing solar power with your neighbours

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  • The solar system to take Flinders Island to 100% renewables

    Flinders Island has always had a very high cost supply of energy. This is largely due to its reliance on diesel fuel as a source of power. Yet the price faced by consumers of electricity on the island is more in line with some of the rates being paid on the mainland, due to subsidies which keep it below the cost of production (which is around 50c/kWh).

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  • Why do we need 3 inspectors for solar systems? Solar installations are a relatively straightforward specialisation of the electrical trade. They're no different in skill and aptitude to installing split system air-conditioners or wiring a house.

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  • 6 reasons why smaller solar is not better

    I was surprised to hear the Alternative Technology Association suggesting going for smaller solar systems is better (Solar payback: Smaller is better, September 24). Such a position would lead to less overall solar capacity being deployed across the nation. I struggle to see how this would be in-line with their core mission which is to advocate.

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  • Nine myths about new energy


    I will begin this list with my first introduction to a myth about renewable energy, put forward by the 'pro-nuclear, pro-coal, anti-renewable' advocates circa 2005:


    1) ‘We could never integrate more than 5% intermittent renewables (they meant wind and solar) into an electricity grid.’

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  • 3 reasons Grattan got it wrong on solar

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  • The 10 dumb myths of solar installers

    As mentioned in a previous article, I've been arranging the installation of a number of solar systems lately. And I like to do them big (the efficient option); I like to get them for the lowest price (within reason, because I want a good job with reasonable quality components); and I like to make sure the economics are understood and that customers are maximising self-consumption while recognising economic value for their exports.

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  • Think heat pumps can't provide radiant heat?

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