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How to Sanden eco plus heat pump installation manual Australia?

How to Sanden heat pump installation manual Australia

※This manual is for TO BE USED by the installing Dealer only. It is not an owner’s manual.

Covering model numbers for residence

  • GAUS-315QT
  • GAUS-315QS
  • GAUS-250EQTB
  • GAUS-160EQTB
  • Heat Pump Unit GS3-45HPA-AU


The Sanden Eco Hot water Heat Pump System has been designed using the latest refrigeration technology to remove the heat from the air to heat water.

The refrigerant we use is CO2 which does not contribute to global warming so it allows us to help keep a clean healthy earth for future generations.

We have also considered the power requirement. By using CO2 as the refrigerant we have produced one of the most energy efficient units currently available.

It’s even more efficient when connected to off-peak power1 and the noise level is so low it will operate unobtrusively throughout the night.


  • How it works
  • Installation details
  • Installation location
  • Power requirement 
  • Piping Connections 
  • Heat pump unit piping
  • Removing air from the system
  • Freeze protection
  • Electrical connections
  • System operation if connected to continuous power 
  • System operation if connected to off-peak electricity How to connect power line 
  • How to connect tank unit thermistor cable 
  • Time setting and block out time setting 
  • Block out time setting mode
  • Maintenance Mode 
  • How to switch to Maintenance Mode 
  • Error Codes
  • Water supply Quality
  • Change of water supply
  • Technical data 
  • Warranty Policy
  • Warranty Period
  • Post installation inspection checklist
  • Check sheet 
  • MEMO 

 How it works

The Sanden Eco Hot water Heat Pump System heats water by transferring the heat from the surrounding air to the water using a refrigerant.

The refrigerant is heated by a heat exchanger that absorbs heat from the surrounding air (Figure 1).

Heat Pump Water Heater System

Note: operating conditions may vary depending on the type of off peak tariff that is available in your area. The unit must have a minimum of 5 hours continuous power available at all time to allow the unit to operate without affecting reliability.

Installation details 

This Sanden Eco Hot water Heat Pump System must be installed by a licensed person in consideration of the following standards and regulations:
- AS/NZS3500 National plumbing and drainage code hot water supply systems – acceptable solutions
- HB 263-2004 Heated water systems plumbing industry commission
- AS/NZS 3000 Electrical installations (known as the Australian/New Zealand wiring rules)
- Notice to Victorian customers from the Victorian Plumbing Industry Commission. The Victorian Building Act 1993 requires that this Heat Pump Water Heater System must be installed by a licensed person. Only a licensed person will provide a Compliance Certificate, showing that the work complies with all the relevant standards. Only a licensed person will have insurance protecting their workmanship for six years.
- The unit has been specifically designed for domestic hot water heating and is not suitable for any other purpose.
- The unit is designed to operate when connected to the town water supply with a maximum operating pressure of 500 kPa. To ensure the mains pressure does not exceed this, a pressure-limiting device that complies with AS1357 must be connected to the town water supply line.
- This system delivers hot water exceeding 50o C. Reference should be made to AS/NZ3500 and/or local regulations relating to the need for temperature tempering devices.
- The unit must be stored and transported in an upright position. Failure to do so may render the unit faulty. Such failure is not covered under any warranty agreements. Failure to comply with the above conditions will void the warranty. 

Sanden Heat Pump – Installation Manual - Typical installation layout


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