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March 24, 2019 admin Leave a comment
Fossil fuel industry lobby group (Energy Networks Australia) unmasked.   The CEO of the Energy Networks Association (ENA), Andrew Dillon, would like to have you believe that his organization (which represents gas distributors, gas pipelines and electricity networks across Australia) is all about electricity supply for the good of consumers and not about preserving the value of Australia's gas…
March 24, 2019 admin Leave a comment
While most of Australia’s electricity companies are companies that operate or are owned by companies that operate the nations gas pipelines and distribution networks, Ausgrid is different; It is owned 49.6% by the NSW government and 51.4% by IFM investors and Australian Super who represent over 10 million Aussie superannuation pension fund members.   Unlike other networks which are controlled…
March 21, 2019 admin Leave a comment
History of the Sanden CO2 heat pump   The Sanden Eco Plus is in already in its 4th generation in the Australian market.   Sanden a global manufacturer of refrigeration for the automotive and food industry released the product in Australia in 2010 originally in partnership with Edson Australia.   At that time the product debuted at over $6000 a big sum to pay.   The relationship was short…
March 21, 2019 admin Leave a comment
Is your apartment running out of hot water?   It’s common for Apartments, Flats, Units, small homes, tiny homes call them what you will to run out of hot water.  The problem is space and that they’re built to a budget.  A common hot water service for such a home is 50L electric.  More often than not this kind of accommodation is rental leaving people who live there not too much choice on what…
March 21, 2019 admin Leave a comment
Solar Victoria have announced the Solar Hot Water Rebate where you can claim up to $1000 rebate for solar and heat pump hot water systems. This is great news for Victorians who are looking to save on their bills and emissions with a high efficiency hot water system. An important element of the Rebate is the requirement to have at least 5 years warranty on all major components. The Sanden Eco…

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We're in the business of reducing your energy to zero and below. That means a serious energy efficiency upgrade combined with solar. Our target is to turn households around to export more energy than they import each year. An important part of this is getting off gas. We supply the best heatpumps, best solar and best know how and we're ready to work with you now to achieve pure electric energy freedom.

Our expert team lead by veteran renewable energy engineers who will expertly size your hot water, cooling, heating, solar generation, battery storage and/or off grid requirements. We're ready to help you with the most professional service to speedily get you on your way to pure electric freedom.

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