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While Waiting For Your Sanden Install - What To Do if Your Old Hot Water System is Leaking?

While Waiting For Your Sanden Install - What To Do if Your Old Hot Water System is Leaking?

If you are experiencing a leak from your hot water system, you should get that actioned as soon as possible. Even a small dripping leak could result in an unwanted gushing event!

The best replacement for an old hot water system is a new super efficient and super quiet Sanden Eco Heat Pump hot water system. Save on your bills and emissions.

If you can't wait until the next morning for your super efficient and quiet Sanden Eco Heat Pump installation, what can you do to minimise the leak from your current old hot water system?

The aim is to minimise the time your hot water system is under mains pressure. While ensuring your hot water system has enough time in the storage tank to heat enough hot water for your daily usage.

So a short term action that has helped our prior clients, turn on/off the cold water valve (also known as a DUO valve) at the hot water service.

Turn off the DUO valve when you aren't using the leaking hot water service, turn on the DUO valve before you have a shower. Turn off after you have your shower.

Designed to only be a short term measure but should buy you enough time before your Sanden Eco Heat Pump installation! Check our Sanden Resources section here and get a free Sanden quote!

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