Sometimes you may notice some dripping from your Sanden Eco Plus heat pump hot water system. It may be a drip you won't need to worry about.

As part of your Sanden Eco Plus heat pump hot water system, an Expansion Control Valve (ECV) will also be fitted. This is designed to open and release water if the pressure from the main water supply exceeds the pressure of the ECV. However the difference between the Pressure Temperature Relief (PTR) valve the ECV, is the water will be released cold. This is less energy consuming and extends the PTR's life span. You can take a look at the ECV datasheet here.

The ECV is designed to ensure your hot water system doesn't build up too much pressure, protecting its integrity and prolonging its lifetime.

If however you are still unsure if it's a real problem, get a small bucket or ice cream container underneath and measure how much water fills up over a period of time e.g. one hour. If you can roughly work out how much water is being lost, then give us a call 1300 86 78 73 and we will be happy to assist.