When should you replace your old gas appliances with electric

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So you have come to the realisation that it makes more financial sense to replace your existing gas appliances (namely your cook-top, central heater and gas hot water) with their more efficient electric equivalents (namely an induction cook-top, a Daikin US7 space heater and a Sanden heat pump hot water system) but the question you ask yourself is, when should I take the plunge, when should I replace my existing (and still functional) gas services and go all-electric?

Solar accounting 101: How to estimate the annual credit/deficit for your power bill, for a given solar system

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A key reason that someone would get rooftop solar is because they would dearly love to never pay another power bill again. The problem is it is not immediately obvious which PV system will eliminate your bill as it depends on a number of factors.   If you are unfamiliar with solar it is difficult to know what questions to ask a solar retailer and how to distinguish valid claims from invalid claims. So how do know what your annual power bill is likely to be for a given solar system?  Here is a broad overview of how to work that out:

China state controlled Evoenergy halves Canberra's rooftop solar politicians do nothing

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A Chinese Government controlled company has slashed by half the solar power capacity Canberrans can have on their roofs, blindsiding MPs who fell asleep on their watch.

While the ACT Environment Minister Mick Gentleman, Climate Change Minister Shane Rattenbury and their parliamentary colleagues were looking the other way, power distributor Evoenergy unilaterally declared that the territory’s residents would be forced to rely on fossil-fuelled power indefinitely.

What would a better energy market look like?

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Recently the Energy Security Board (ESB), established by COAG in 2017 "to provide whole of system oversight for energy security and reliability to drive better outcomes for consumers", has called for submissions to re-write (from scratch) the rules for the National Electricity Market (NEM).  They have outlined that there is a good chance they want the new rules in place by 2025.  It seems the old rules (which were fiercely protected b