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The benefits of an electric BBQ

The benefits of an electric BBQ

As the saying goes, "if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen".  A slight modification to that saying is relevant to cooking in summer, "if you can't stand the heat in the kitchen, get the kitchen out of the house". 

The Achilles heel of an air sealed efficient home is that you still have to eat in summer, and that often means cooking up your summer meals inside.  A reasonable cook top will output around 2-3kW which is like having 20-30 people crowded in your house during the heat of summer, not to mention the indoor air pollution associated with cooking inside.

Fear not! There is a solution to all these problems and it will add to your lifestyle, it is the outdoor cooking area. Whether that be an electric BBQ (with many models now available for an affordable price) or a covered area with an induction cook top; an outdoor cooking area will help keep you house cool and fresh during summer.    

The great thing about an electric BBQ is that it is packed with smart features that make cooking easier, including the ability to:

  • Automatically adjust the set temperature of the BBQ so that the heat remains constant throughout the cooking process. Most BBQs start off cold then get too hot, which makes it hard to judge when your food will be properly cooked.
  • Grill food in different temperature zones one i.e. one side for the burgers one side for the onions.
  • Have the food and grill temperature sent to your mobile, which allows you to have a chat with someone inside and not have to worry that your food is getting overcooked.
  • Let your BBQ automatically grill your food according to preset instructions for a given food type.  Let's be honest BBQing for most people is a trial and error experience with a better than average chance of singed sausages and 'well done' dishes. So if you are not a BBQ expert, electric BBQs give you a safe option to deliver a good spread rather than a plate of charcoal.

Most electric BBQs will work from a standard household outlet so there is no need to worry about additional wiring or other hidden electrical expenses. Electric BBQs are also safer than gas BBQs; with no risk of fire, explosion or leak and do not require a trip to the service station if you run out of gas mid BBQ.

An electric BBQ can keep your indoor spaces cool and fresh in summer and make sure your food is done just right.  They are another way of keeping your efficient all-electric home cool in summer.


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