US to fund research into Tall wind


Tall wind is a new descriptor for wind turbines that are installed on very high towers. The US DoE has announced $28 million in funding, which is not too significant when it comes to research grants but also not too bad given we have Donald Trump (who claims wind turbines cause cancer) in power who typically does everything  Exxon Mobil /The Koch brothers fossil etc want including: watering down environmental legislation, putting the brakes on electric vehicles and stopping the rapid deployment of wind and rooftop solar.



The US DoE's funding round is taking initial expressions of interest for grants and it has defined tall wind to be wind turbines with towers over 140 meters. This is significant that the government is making funds available specifically to improve this area of innovation. Tall wind, larger turbines and oversizing have meant that in recent times almost any location on earth is a good location for installing a wind turbine as much better wind resources are available at higher heights (i.e. 140 meters +). If an area is not yet considered good for wind turbines, with this research and the general momentum in the wind space it will be soon. Which is great news for you and life on this planet as climate change and rapid environmental destruction from extraction, exploration, transport and combustion of fossil fuels is clearly a real problem.