Want to get comprehensive advice before sending the big dollars in solar? Get expert advice from our engineering team. We will cover everything so you can confidence in your solar PV project:

  • Multiple PV array analysis (including different directions, slopes, angles);
  • Detailed report covering PV economics (payback, Internal Rate of Return);
  • We examine all available retailers, their available feed-in tariffs so you maximise your economic potential of your solar system;
  • Identify measures to maximise self-consumption, reduce payback time and reduce carbon emissions through reduced grid imports;
  • Broker between solar installers so you get the best value for money;
  • We will organise a Clean Energy Council accredited solar quotation;
  • We will provide advice on solar monitoring equipment so you can ensure your solar system is running as it should;
  • A detailed 12 – 14 page report.