Solar Victoria Friday 12/04/2019 have announced solar PV applications are closed until 1 July 2019 after announcing the Solar Homes program is fully subscribed.  

Solar Victoria have indicated between 12 Apr 2019 and 1 July 2019, they will prioritise and focus on existing applications. 

Solar Victoria have indicated:

  • If you have a client with an existing eligibility application and they haven’t received an eligibility number, they need to wait until they receive an email from us confirming the eligibility number before installation. 
  • If you have a client with an eligibility number from us and they haven’t had their system installed, you can continue to get a system installed and then they can continue to apply for a rebate.   
  • If you have client that has already submitted a rebate application, it will continue to be processed, in line with current requirements. 

Solar Victoria have indicated if a customer is considering installing solar PV with a rebate and have not yet applied to Solar Victoria, they will now need to wait until applications open again on 1 July 2019. After 1 July 2019, they must have received eligibility confirmation before installing their system to be eligible to receive a rebate. 

While Pure Electric customers do not take any deposit for installing rooftop solar PV, for those who have taken a deposit for a non-eligible household who wants to reapply 1 July 2019, Solar Victoria are suggesting you should refund that deposit.

Solar Victoria have indicated they will move to a preferred-provider model in due course and they reserve the right to consider the conduct of companies when assessing their suitability.  

More details can be found at the Solar Victoria website.